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From Broken…

I knew there was more, I knew there was something in the way of my relationship with Jesus…I just didn’t know what. But I knew where to look, and I knew what I needed to do to sort it out. I went to Scripture. I decided the only place that could fix the brokenness that I knew I had (but didn’t understand or recognize fully) was in the loving arms of Jesus. From that search was born a collection of simple study journals, devotional journals, and a prayer journal. With a recent bout of healing and freedom, the idea for the Joyful & Free print and paperie was born and set into motion. My heart is that the products that I create a curate here would bless you and encourage you in your walk with Jesus, or in discovering Him for yourself.

Kayla J Nelson

Founder & Designer

Start with the basics

The First Devotional Journal by Kayla

Fall into His Love: a 30-day devotional journal is the very first journal out of the collection of devotional journals created and designed by Kayla J Nelson. On a search to know and feel the love of Christ, Kayla dove into a word-study of love in Scripture and was prompted to write short entries that encourage the reader to contemplate, and process the love of Christ with written thoughts and written prayer inside of these pages. 

Designed and Curated for all Depths of Faith

Regardless of your age, or the depth of your faith, Joyful & Free print and paperie has something to encourage your walk with Christ. From new believer, to old-faithful, the products curated in our collections will help simplify your study time (perfect for the most busy lady) and help guide you in an easy, free way. With four children of her own, Kayla has also worked with her two oldest to create fun and effective products for kids ages 4+. Kayla believes no matter what age you are, there should be a resource for you to grow and learn about Christ.

From study journals, to prayer cards, to a kid’s line of study resources, the Joyful & Free print and paperie holds something for everyone. Perfect as baptism, confirmation, graduation gifts – you’re sure to find something for someone on your list here!

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