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60 Week Faith Challenge Workbook

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The Christian walk can feel strange and stagnant at times. As you are growing up and discovering your own faith during high school and early college, it feels so lonely and sometimes hopeless.

This book was created as a companion for your every day life. A resource to help you think and discover Jesus on your own and apply Him to your every day life.

Kayla Nelson

Author & Designer


Words From Readers:


If you are looking to grow in your relationship with God I HIGHLY recommend getting this new book, Going Deeper! Seriously! I’ve been able to get a first look at this book and it is AMAZING!! I cannot wait to get my own copy and just see my relationship with God grow to higher levels! It is also a great “where do I begin” book if you are trying to figure out what a relationship with Jesus looks like! This book will definitely challenge you to look at your relationship with God in the best way possible! This book is Spirit-led for sure!

Rebecca Morrison Joyful and Free Print and Paperie


Going deeper is such a beautiful book that challenges us to take time each day to stop, pray, dive into scripture and reflect on many different common topics that so many, including myself, forget to bring God into or might not understand how to glorify God in. This book will challenge you, encourage you, and inspire new habits you can continue to use even after finishing this book! I’m so thankful to be able to experience this book and for the impact, it will have on so many individuals! 

Minna Joyful and Free Print and Paperie Going Deeper Testimonial


This study is so helpful especially to someone like me, a high school junior who isn’t sure where to start in her bible. This workbook covers many important topics and how to really devote your life to Christ. With a new topic every month, it really helps me to focus on one thing without getting overwhelmed by everything that I want to learn. I also love how interactive and personalized the study is to someone because everyone is at a different point in their relationship with God.

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60 Week Faith Challenge Workbook

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How It Works


This book contains 12 months of topical studies and challenges to walk through to deepen your faith.



Each month holds 5 weeks of practices focused on one topic within the month’s main theme.


Each week presents 7 days of work and challenges to go through focused on the week’s theme.

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