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5 Signs You’re In Love With Christmas

You might be in love with Christmas if…continue reading for some 2020 encouragement on the season, and several light-hearted observations of Christmas lovers!

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.“- Luke 2:14


This Christmas season feels a little more reverent than many others in several ways. People have anticipated it, longed for it, gotten excited for it in a way it hasn’t been desired in a long time. It seems that people are anticipating a change of life with the coming Christmas season…the first coming of Christ…

This year is different.

It makes me think of the way that we as believers should be anticipating the second coming of Christ.

There are lots of mixed emotions and thoughts about Christmas this year, but my pastor said it best:

The post continues:
trees with lights. Maybe it’s a way of saying, “let’s move on.” Or maybe there’s more to it…
Maybe it is because we are a world in need of a savior. Maybe it’s because there is joy and a sense of peace that is found in the light of a tree as it illuminates a dark living room. Maybe it’s because Christmas is filled with HOPE and PEACE that comes as we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus!
God sent Jesus into a dark and hopeless world. Jesus was born, not just to be a symbol of hope and peace, but to literally BRING hope and peace to all who would receive Him. He has come to reconcile us back to God, through the forgiveness of our sins. He’s come to give us the Hope of eternity spent with him. He’s come as a light to shine in the darkness. This is the message of Jesus! This is the message of Christmas!
So I say, set up the tree and let it SHINE! And as you see your tree, and others, lit up this year, may it be a reminder to you that CHRIST shines in the darkness to bring hope and peace to all who would receive him as their Savior. And we all know… 2020 could use a Savior!
As for me, I think I’ll still wait till after Thanksgiving to get our tree up. But I am reminded today of the importance of the Christmas story, especially this year!
You might be a Christmas lover if…

That said, let’s take a lighthearted look at signs you might be a Christmas lover!


1. Your Christmas decorations...

just never come down! You put them up the first Christmas that you moved in and just haven’t had the heart to undo Christmas! You know, that neighbor that has their house lit up, year round? Yea, inside counts too!


2. You begin planning Christmas gifts...

as soon as 12:00 am New Year’s day hits! Let’s be honest, this is just good financial advise anyways, but all year long, every where you look you see a Christmas gift for _____! Or planning in September, like me, you know…either way!


3. You have an entire closet devoted to...

Christmas wrapping. Paper, ribbons, tissue, bags, cards, sprigs of greenery, etc., etc., etc. You  may even have a photo album dedicated to screenshots that you’ve snapped of your favorite IG blogger’s perfectly adorned gifts!!! I won’t fault you, this sounds brilliant to me!

4. The Christmas music…

even though most people are grumbling and aggravated that Christmas music began ALREADY or is STIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL being played your heart skips a few beats and your feet tap away to Silent night the whole year through!

5. And finally, the cookies…

you have a whole freezer filled with cookies…for next year already!

Do you know anyone that LOVES Christmas this much??? Haha! I know a mix of people on both sides of the spectrum, and even though they may not be as die hard as the above traits, it’s humorous how people vary in excitement and dread for the season.

I for one, love Christmas – I DO begin planning my gift list in September! Although I’m not allowed to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving that my husband is home, I screenshot my favorite decorators and wrappers from Instagram and begin dreaming of what to do!

This Christmas

Let’s consider a little more deeply what the coming of Christ truly meant for us and all of humanity. What are we anticipating now?

2020 has offered a lot of pain to all people across the world. Loved ones have been lost all alone, seclusion has taken its toll.

But there has also been an abundance of goodness that has happened. When you stop to look at the hardships and trials, what do you see?

Do you see the hand of God moving through your life, or how miserable you have been? Do you see the things you’ve lost, or how much of Him you have gained?


But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. – Galatians 4:4-5

Are you celebrating the goodness of God this year?

Take the time to worship Him right now – no matter how difficult your year may have been, His goodness is still found. In the middle of your struggle and trial, ask this, “God, please show me how you are working this for my good and how you will use this.” I promise you He will answer that and show you what He is doing – but be patient, God’s timing is not ours.

Blessings on your Christmas!