Surrounded by a stack of books – devotionals, journals, Bibles – I was stumped; with no idea where to begin; knowing I had to start somewhere…I needed to daily spend time with Jesus, but devotionals JUST weren’t cutting it. The page was FILLED with the words of the author, sharing personal stories, talking about a Bible verse that you’d find on the top of the page…

It just didn’t feel right. More of human words than Jesus’s words?

How was that good for building my faith?

So, I did some research…You have to understand, this was 8 years ago, before the internet was flooded with Christian bloggers, different Bible study methods, etc. Kind of the birthing time of Christian blogging…

But in my research, I came across the SOAP Bible study method and it made sense!

And then came…

I came to learn that there were very few books or journals that did much other than offer lined paper, or words of other humans. Don’t get me wrong, those are both beneficial things (I obviously don’t want you to stop reading my words now!) but I wanted more for my faith than that. I wanted to learn for myself.

Doing some further study, I looked into how to study the Bible using the SOAP method. It was so fascinating and simple.

Inspired by those I was following on Instagram, bloggers I admired, and this new discovery, I began creating study journals that taught how to study the Bible using the SOAP method.

My faith grew

Over the course of discovering how to study the Bible using the SOAP method, my own faith began to grow so deep because I was spending time directly in scripture. We learn so much when we look to share the Word. I was so excited to share my new revelation with others!

The problem at hand

Through the years as a youth worker, I’ve come to realize just how little ministry actually happens with the youth outside of Wednesday nights and it’s just so sad.

All the young people need (maybe that’s YOU!) is simple direction for where to start and what to do when it comes to reading the Bible.

It can be a huge, daunting task when you’re unsure where and how to begin, and it just doesn’t have to be that way!

How to study the Bible using the SOAP method

So here is how to study the Bible using the SOAP method! It simplifies things, it offers you the perfect starting point for diving into study.

S – scripture

Begin by reading something. Pinterest is full of Bible reading plans that consist of one verse per day! (Or you can grab a SOAP method study journal from my shop!) Truly, it’s that simple! Remember to write the passage out, it’s so helpful.

O – observations

After reading the passage jot down things you notice about it, maybe repetition, maybe something that was put on your heart. Note who wrote it, who was it written to? Was it New Testament or Old? How does the passage point to Jesus? Etc. Use this section to consult commentaries,,, etc.

A – application

Journal ways you can implement the scripture passage, or how it should affect your life. Write down any thoughts that came to you on this passage and your life.

P – prayer

Always be in prayer. The best way to close out a study time is to pray. And I encourage you to JOURNAL your prayer so you can look back on it at a later time and remember.

And that is how to study the Bible using the SOAP method. It’s truly so simple, but so beneficial.

How can I try?

You can just use a blank journal and journal it freely, on your own, or you can download a free version if you’re on the Joyful Life Digest list! Or you can purchase one from the shop, there are multiple to choose from and more coming! You could also sign up as a patreon of Joyful & Free and receive various journals monthly!

Blessings as you dive into using the SOAP method for your Bible study time, friend!!!